28 May 2012

Beginners Photography: Mastering the Basics

Finally, I think summer has arrived. I hope my UK(and those already enjoying the sun around the globe) readers are enjoying the sun before it does a U-turn. The weather has been hot! And I mean HOT!! So hot that I would be surprised if any Londoner told me that they hadn't spotted a host of naked bodies spread across the parks.

The brightening up of the weather has inspired yet more outdoorsy pursuits. Although, this has been difficult lagging around a swollen foot caused by a bike injury. This has surprisingly put me out of both cycling and climbing. Its more painful not being able to do either of these than the actual pain of my swollen foot. I have been left with just admiring pictures of friends who have been out on climbing trips. My sister is so convinced that I had a climbing accident and I am refusing to tell the truth. As if! Sorry to disappoint you sis by this fat knuckle is all due to my hybrid two wheeler. Big foot ain't got nothing on this bad boy right here...I have dragged myself to work though...if I cant climb and I cant cycle I might as well hobble down to Peterborough. This has sadly turned my profile intro into  just a rock-climbing, gadget loving programmer who loves to travel(slower than grannies on zimmer frames mind you).

11 May 2012

Talent Showcase of Geekgirls in the UK

" The future belongs to those who can create networks" - Bookboon

This post is a week over due as I have been a little busy with work. I couldn't post about the recent event at Geekgirl and ThoughtWorks...

...For those that have kids; are you doing enough to show your kids that they can do anything in life without fear or judgement? Or are you raising them to believe that certain jobs should only be fulfilled by a certain gender. I ask this because to a large extent our believes are influenced by parents. This is not a discussion about nurture vs nature, for that read this; 'Who Shaped Our Behavior? Peers or Parents?'