6 March 2012

Hotel Bookings: Working Away From Home

Not bad for a last minute booking...

Hmmm...Where does one start? With a little time on my hands before I check into my hotel I thought I would get a post in. Coming to you live(sort of) from the Marriott in Peterborough where things took on a rather interesting turn. I am homesless(or hotel-room-less)! So rewind back to yesterday. I got confirmation that I would be joining a technical infrastructure project and needed to be in Peterborough on Tuesday morning. I booked my train ticket online and that went through just fine. I booked my hotel room at the Marriott Hotel or so I thought. Oblivious to all of this we spent the day on-boarding for the project as well as all the other crazy good stuff that happens when you join a new project. Left the client site to check in at the hotel, and guess what? No booking! “Madam, would the booking have been made in another name?” Oh I don’t know, try James! That’s my other name -  only on weekends though. The hotel clerk proceeds to check both systems and what’d you know?! Zilch! Nada! Nope!

At this point I am thinking will a bit of screaming get me a room, how long is the drive to the station so I can just get back to my own comfortable bed in London. So you are thinking is this the only hotel around, right? Holiday Inn is next door and that’s fully booked too. I am 101 miles(gotta love Google maps) may be sleeping rough tonight if a room doesn’t come up. This also means the hotel booking for the 3 days that I am in Peterborough also vanished into thin air across the very wide World Wide Web.  I sent a frantic text to my colleague and he got it just after I had a confirmation for a room 4 miles from where my original booking was. He is only in Peterborough for one night which means that he saves the day or evening. He will check out early tomorrow and have his room allocated to me for Wednesday and Thursday.

In the meantime, I have just been offered a room at the Marriott hotel. BUT at a slightly higher rate than I had originally booked. Ha! So you are telling you are fully booked but you have a room available at an extortionate price?! Slight exaggeration there but you can see where I am coming from, right? All that time you were searching for the run-away booking and you could have allocated a room for me?

Ok, so let’s just leave that there for a moment. I haven’t told you about my project, have I? So I am joining TI or Technical Infrastructure. What’s that, I hear you ask? More precisely building desktops from the project details I got. Not literally building them, that’s Delboy’s job. Sorry I mean Dell’s job….Lost my trail of thought as a call came through from my climbing instructor. As I am working from Peterborough for the next few weeks means that I had  to cancel my lead climbing course I was meant to have next week. I also cancelled a meeting I was meant to go to in aid of the International Women’s Day on the 8th March.  See, the things I give up just to pay my bills! Typical day in the life of a traveller or gypsy as my niece called me yesterday when I mentioned that I have to leave my new flat just after moving in.

Got off the call with my climbing instructor to some good news! I am now booked into the Marriott AND I also get the corporate rate too. I don’t care who they had to kick out what matters is that Bee is not sleeping rough tonight! That makes me sound awful, doesn’t it? Anyway, I have to say though, the hotel stuff were really nice throughout hence why I avoided the scream fest. It would have been easier to go down that route if they weren’t so accommodating in calling all the other hotels and arranging a taxi to take me there. So now I am trying to decide what to eat next to two hooligans colleagues who are screaming down the place watching Arsenal Vs Milan…See you on the other side!

Ah! Nearly forgot. My post title came from a typo I made on the Lync(internal IM) and I spent the day fielding questions from colleagues telling me to correct my grammar...If it wasn't Tuesday I seriously would have put this down to Monday madness.

Over and out!


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