2 March 2012

Leap Year at the Circus!

Circus Reception

Dinner at the circus! Well not exactly, the restaurant is called Circus. The plan was for a girly dinner with a twist and boy was it a twist! Arriving at Circus you would think it was shut as you are greeted by brown metal doors that don't give any insight as to what you about to let yourself in for. 

Stepping through the doors the reception immediately sets the tone with its dimmed lights and colourful lighting on the wall. As we were seated on our reserved table of 10, our very attentive host proceed to get the orders for drinks. As soon as we got our drinks the lights dimmed even more at which point a 3 piece act rolled on the stage. Two semi naked ladies with an amazingly flexible guy showed just how much one can do with a hoola hoop. Take a look at the video and judge for yourself.


If you are up for like your dinner with entertainment thrown in then you definitely have to have dinner at Circus. One of the tables is also used as the stage while you are eating around it. Be warned though, you have to order a minimum of two courses. With short bursts of entertainment that involved singing, dancing, burlesque, its a cross between Cirque Du Soleil. A great way to spend a leap year evening...

The whole experience will forever be indelibly imprinted in my head. It was an interesting evening. A very engaging experience in which the performers interacted with the audience.  Word of warning though. DO NOT take your kids! Its not that kind of circus. My personal recommendation when you go there, do not leave without trying the crispy duck rolls. Heaven in the mouth with the presentation almost too good to disturb.

Crispy Duck Rolls(Circus)

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Like watching Drag Race on tv but this show is live! Visiting the Circus in London was definitely a fun experience. Cool things to do in London. Entertainment in London with dinner included. Definitely visit the circus in London with the ladie and guys showing the boobs with dancing on tables is an interesting show. There is also a bit of barlesque thrown in but at least the boobs are covered with tassels 



  1. Great review Bee! Really captured the venue and night!