7 March 2012

Happy International Women's Day - IWD 2012

7 Billion and Counting: Dreams, Ideas & Actions to Change the World

Happy International Women’s Day!!!  Today marks the 101st Anniversary for a globally celebrated event , celebrating the remarkable achievements women before us have made. Also recognising the many contributions and precedents women around the world are making.

This week has been great. I registered for the Global Marathon 2012. Took part in IWD discussions at work. Its great to work for a company that recognizes International Women's Day a place that encourages more female leadership. Our GM, Pamela Maynard was also named finalist in the every woman in technology awards.

Global Marathon Video Intro

The Global Marathon is an interactive event that brings women from around the world and focuses on different regions each day for 6 days rather than 24 hours. This event brings women from different backgrounds to share ideas and stories. A lot of great advice from many contributors and a common theme that came up in a few of the discussions was emphasis on communication skills. Specifically, how engineering (as well as others) courses need to incorporate communication skills in the syllabus. No matter how greatly skilled you are in your chosen engineering profession if you are not able to communicate your ideas, influence people or lead people then you are limiting your chances in moving up the ranks.

Also, “scarcity creates demand” and we can definitely use this to our advantage. Areas that don’t feature a lot of women, if you love a challenge and are brave enough to take one on then set yourself up with a good support network to help you in your endeavours. Taking risk can be fun. There are many network support groups, something that many women who have come before us didn’t have and this is something we should make use of. We don’t have to fear or do things on our on. The support is there, it’s only a matter of reaching out.

As the event didn’t feature solely women in Engineering so I would encourage you all (that includes the guys!) to watch the podcasts available from the recent discussions on the Global Marathon site. Some great stories and valuable advice shared there and inspiring ideas. Its also running until the 10th March so you can still register and take part in the discussions as well as watch some of the podcasts from previous discussions.

Happy IWD!

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