29 March 2012

Climbing the cliff edges of Portland

Blacknor Beach

As I watched my bare feet take turns hitting the sand and edging closer and closer to the water, not long before my eyes closed as I relaxed and took a deep breath while small waves of icy cold water made my feet disappear into the pebbly beaches of Portland. This just about made up for the long drive from London to Dorset on a Friday night the night before.

20 March 2012

400 Miles in 6 days! London - Peterborough - Peak District - London

Another busy week, with a little climbing activity thrown in. After a few late nights at work and the fact that I do treasure my weekends, especially now, that I am working in a different city to the one that I reside in.
With the weather improving I am eager to get outdoors and enjoy nature as God intended. I hope that line doesn’t conjure up some interesting visuals but that could just be my “creative” imagination. In my last post I mentioned that I cancelled a lead climbing course which was meant to be during the week but because I am now working in Peterborough I couldn’t get into London in time to do it. So I re-scheduled it for the weekend course which was held in the Peak District last Saturday. So I decided to drive from London to Peterborough for work and Friday evening leave Peterborough for the Peak District. That’s about 400miles in 6 days!

7 March 2012

Happy International Women's Day - IWD 2012

7 Billion and Counting: Dreams, Ideas & Actions to Change the World

Happy International Women’s Day!!!  Today marks the 101st Anniversary for a globally celebrated event , celebrating the remarkable achievements women before us have made. Also recognising the many contributions and precedents women around the world are making.

6 March 2012

Hotel Bookings: Working Away From Home

Not bad for a last minute booking...

Hmmm...Where does one start? With a little time on my hands before I check into my hotel I thought I would get a post in. Coming to you live(sort of) from the Marriott in Peterborough where things took on a rather interesting turn. I am homesless(or hotel-room-less)! So rewind back to yesterday. I got confirmation that I would be joining a technical infrastructure project and needed to be in Peterborough on Tuesday morning. I booked my train ticket online and that went through just fine. I booked my hotel room at the Marriott Hotel or so I thought. Oblivious to all of this we spent the day on-boarding for the project as well as all the other crazy good stuff that happens when you join a new project. Left the client site to check in at the hotel, and guess what? No booking! “Madam, would the booking have been made in another name?” Oh I don’t know, try James! That’s my other name -  only on weekends though. The hotel clerk proceeds to check both systems and what’d you know?! Zilch! Nada! Nope!

2 March 2012

Leap Year at the Circus!

Circus Reception

Dinner at the circus! Well not exactly, the restaurant is called Circus. The plan was for a girly dinner with a twist and boy was it a twist! Arriving at Circus you would think it was shut as you are greeted by brown metal doors that don't give any insight as to what you about to let yourself in for.