29 January 2012

The Year of the Invisible Dragon

A rather busy week was finished off with another round of New Year celebrations. Yes you read it right, Chinese New Year celebration that is. In London! I was totally geared up for the Chinese festivities and expected dragon parades, Chinese dances and the whole nine yards. What I did get was nowhere near a yard let alone nine. The opening ceremony  was at Trafalgar Square and kicked off with fire crackers at the bottom of Nelson’s column.  There were stage performers with Boris schedule to address the crowd. After waiting for a while in the cold my friends and I decided to move on to China Town to hunt for a missing dragon.

Fire crackers to open the ceremony

With the dragon failing to turn up to its own party, the disappointment didn’t stop there. When we got to China Town we were handed some fortune cookies by someone in the street. I cracked it only to find some plea for a vote from a London Mayor Candidate! No words of faux wisdom or a prophecy in there; Total rip off! It was then time to get on out of China Town and into main theatre land(Soho) in search for some warmth. One of the girls recommended ‘The Spice of Life’, a pub and music bar. It’s been open since the 60’s and hosts weekly open mic for comedy and music. After a catch-up over drinks it was time to split but not before heading back to Trafalgar Square to see if there was a fashionably late dragon. We were definitely stood up, so I think I may head over to China in December to get a full explanation.  Other than that I got to try out one of the best spring rolls I have had in a long time and it was great seeing the girls as I hadn’t seen them in a while.

After a technical glitch I also managed to access the pictures I took from the outdoors show two weeks ago. I will post these sometime this week.  More pictures taken in China Town can be found on the Facebook page.  Hope you all had a great weekend.

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