5 January 2012

Paralysis by Analysis

I thought I would share my mini success on the climbing front. In my first post I mentioned that I would like to start doing more 5+ and 6a climbing grades. My first climb in 2012 was this evening and I think I got off to a great start! I managed to do 3x 5+ routes and 6a route even though the 6a involved a minor cheat where I stepped on a different colour hold. The main point is that I managed to get to the top without giving up.

Reach Climbing Wall - Woolwich London

After winding down I thought to myself, had I tried some of these routes months before I may have got through them with much ease. A lot of what has been holding me back is over analysis of the routes, the size of the holds and being scared off by the grade of the route. Also factoring in the fear factor and which has had me convince myself that I couldn’t do some of the routes so why bother.
I read an article last week from Forbes which resonated with me. It talked about the power of the mind and how fear can create imaginary obstacles and cause you to mentally surrender to things you might otherwise be well capable of achieving if only you understand and recognise this in yourself. I have normally thought of myself as someone who likes a challenge so I have surprised myself in how I have been holding back in some ways by fear. So if I can challenge myself to at least climb more difficult routes without over thinking things too much then I can definitely do the same with work. With a few Microsoft exams (one at least) to study for this year there is no room for “paralysis by analysis”! I simply just need to dive in there because over analysing things just causes delays and in turn mean being less productive.
So is fear holding you back a little? Then I say recognise this early on and do something about it. It doesn’t have to be anything major but recognising it would be a great first step and then working at how to slowly achieve your goals without fear getting the best out of you…

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